Sunday, June 13, 2010

What am I, an adult or something??

Ever since I got home from Africa, I've been doing a whole lot of hanging out with Jeff, scrapbooking and Friends watching. But now I have to go back to reality and start working. I eased myself into it by working two days two weeks ago with my favorite kids to babysit ever, Sarabeth and Susannah. Last week, I sat them three days and another family on Tuesday and Thursday. My Tuesday and Thursday kids I'll have the whole summer from about 9 to 6 and phew! turns out they're great kids! I was pretty nervous to babysit a boy, which I don't usually do. AND a going-into-seventh-grade-boy at that! But both he and his sister, Alyson (a 6th grader), were super fun! They like crafts and video games and nerf guns (some of my all time favorite things!) And yesterday we saw Karate Kid (one of the worst movies ever made) and had some fun outside playing WATER TAG! The best game ever which he invented..the person who's "it" has the hose and if you get wet, you're it! it was SO fun..until their mom came home and got mad! yikes! I'm really excited for a summer full of fun that might get their mom mad! hahaha

Another adult-like project (besides working 5 whole days last week!) that I've taken on is tutoring! I'm now the proud private Language Arts tutor for three kids in the Orange School district! Yay! It's almost like I'm a real teacher or something! The pay isn't amazing, but it's a blast to make up lesson plans and read all my old favorite books again! Neil, the fourth grader, is reading Half Magic with me. He's so smart! He really doesn't need a tutor! Haha he's a fabulous reader! He reads with great fluency and he sounded out words very well! He was great. My first third grader was supposed to read The BFG by Roald Dahl (I'm renewing my 8 year old self's obsession with one of the most amazing children's writer's of all time) but he already read it! So next week I'm bringing Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator instead! He is such an avid reader, he's read a lot of favorites! AND he picked up on my similes lesson really quickly, and was always proud of himself when he picked one out! My next third grader, Sonia, is tomorrow and I'm so excited to meet her!

Hopefully, I'll have more updates on my kids throughout the summer! YAY!

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