Thursday, July 22, 2010

Expensive Energy? No! It's Free!

Yet ANOTHER Cleveland adventure!

Jeff and I went down to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday because Free Energy, THE BEST BAND EVER, was performing outside on the steps! A local band, Founding Fathers opened, and Jeff and I visited the weird free stamp (art?) on our way!
Look I touched it!
Then the fun began. They started out with their song, Free Energy (watch/listen here: and dance moves and smiles were instantly infectious! It was probably one of the funnest show I've ever been to!

Before they played my second favorite song, Bang Pop ( The lead singer complimented Jeff and I on our shirts! We were right in front and looked like we'd taken a time machine from the 80s to get to the show so I don't know how he could've missed us! Afterward, he was super nice and ever took a picture with us because "he needed to take a picture with the two most stylin people at the show"!!
After picking up posters and records, Jeff and I walked away feeling like we needed to do something really cool (we were a little hopped up on the show...) so we stopped by Star Pop (the vintage toy store Jeff helps out at) to tell the owner, Troy about how Free Energy loved our clothes...which we had gotten at Star Pop! haha He was obviously very excited!
As Jeff, and the lead singer of Free Energy, would say, it was totally RAD!

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