Saturday, May 8, 2010

If you're out on the road...

Yay! After a long second semester, a long finals week, a long day of travelling home and a LOT of stuff, I'm finally home for the summer!! It's funny because Chagrin is the place I've lived the longest in my life, so I consider it my hometown, while my sister tells people she's originally from Pittsburgh! I love Chagrin because of the neighbors who will do anything for you, the people who are always in everyone else's business, and the crazy traditions. It took my friend Sarah to realize it when she was visiting over fall break, but I see now that it's completely true...I live in Stars Hollow (the town a la Gilmore Girls!) I was born about twelve years too late in my Mom's life to claim that it's based on our lives, but I still am in love with my town for it's similarity to a place where, yes, there are a few nuts, but everyone's friendly and pretty devoted to the community and it's wonderful people.

The Star's Hollow Gazebo above, the Chagrin gazebo below decorated for Christmas!

Stars Hollow's Luke's Diner, above, and the main drag of Chagrin below...I couldn't decide which diner in town would be Luke's! Rick's? Yours Truly? Parkside? Dink's?
Here's me and my friend Erin, the Queen of the Blossom Festival in Chagrin, basically our versions of one of the following Stars Hollow festivals: The Annual Stars Hollow Dance Marathon, The Annual Movie Marathon, The Founders Firelight Festival, OR The Annual Bid-A-Basket Fundraiser!!

So there you have it! This is me being thankful for the amazing place I grew up which is an awesome place to come home to anytime of year. And, a little shout out to Mama Hudson, because tomorrow is Mother's Day, Gilmore Girl's is our favorite show, and we have the most fun thinking of all the different ways that our town is similar to the Hollow. Most importantly, I know that if, like Rory did on her first day of college, I texted my Mom "come backkk!" she, like Lorelei, totally would! So, yay home! and yay Mom!!

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