Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two down, ONE to go!!

Well if I haven't had the best day ever, then I don't know what today was! haha! Let me just give you a run down of Abby's day of perfection:

So Jackie's alarm goes off at 8. I have a final downtown at 9!! My phone for some reason hates me and turned off in the middle of the night!! So there I am, running around like a CRAZY trying to catch the earliest bus I can to get down there in time!! Whew! I made it RIGHT on time because of course, being me, I went to the wrong classroom at first! But the entire time I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, I'm giggling to myself because I was thinking about that Dane Cook bit where he says there's that moment before you wake up when you just know that you're late and your alarm clock laughs at you. Finally know what that feels like!! So, that's a silver lining to this morning!! Haha

Get to my final and can't help but giggle at the ridiculousness that is the classroom that I walk into. I'm the 5th person in the room to be wearing a obnoxiously pink Loyola hoodie that a couple of my teacher friends and I all bought and deemed our "teacher sweatshirts"! Of course, they gave us special powers so we would ace our exam, so we all HAD to wear them today! Alone, these sweatshirts are super cute, but with a crowd they are so bright and funny,and they definitely stand out in a class of only 18 people!! When we went to lunch I'm sure people on Michigan Avenue were giggling at us! We looked like the Red Hat Society! We finished our test so early (because of our special sweatshirt powers...duh!) that we had to wait outside the Cheesecake Factory until it opened! After our DELICIOUS food and stopping into our second class of the day, we headed back AND THATS WHEN THE DAY GOT AWESOME (not like it wasn't already!!!)

Erin and Denise and I went on an adventure down the street to find bubbles and chalk because it's BEAUTIFUL outside and we decided we deserved some playtime!! We've been working so hard for the past couple days and our next final isn't until Friday. Armed with Starbucks and three pieces of chalk (which we quickly demolished) we very nicely decorated someone's parking spot in the parking lot next to our building! They will LOVE the dinosaur, hearts, fish with bubbles and butterfly that fill their spot!! And of course, the Deathly Hallows symbol (Harry Potter anyone..?) and all of our names with a shout out to our wolf pack, too, I'm sure!

AND I still can look forward to the last night of watching Glee with the girls AND watching Bruce Almighty tonight! So there you go, universe! I CAN still have fun during finals week

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  1. that just made me smile from ear to ear :) you show that universe who's boss!