Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kids say the darnedest things..

So, the semester is coming to close which means, sadly, that my tutoring program is ending tomorrow! I love my kids at McCutcheon Elementary and I will miss them so much over the summer! It's kids like them that are the reason I go to Children's Lit class and do things like put on a robber's mask, running around like a crazy person acting out a book my professor is reading and yelling "H-O-T HOT PEPPERS!" at the top of my lungs! (Too bad none of my teacher friends are mean enough to video tape it so everyone can see it! haha) Besides being incredibly awesome, the kids are super funny! Just thought I'd share a couple gems from the semester:

Brian: "and then they all say in unison..." Hey, what does unison mean? Is that when you, like pee on yourself?

No, Brian, that's called urinating...

T: Today we learned how to dance in gym class!
Me: Did you have to dance with girls? Were you nervous?
Brian: I wasn't nervous but my partner was! I could tell because her hands were really sweaty!!

Me: Does anyone know what impulsive means?
Youssef: Isn't that when something is really really gross and you want to throw up?

No, Youssef, that's REpulsive....

And, my favorite. I like to joke around with some of my 5th graders at Swift Elementary and say "liar, liar, pants on fire!" when, say Noel uses a calculator when he's not supposed to and tells me he did it in his head! One day, during a particularly heated game of the matching musical note game, Noel said he could do it in under 5 seconds, to which Paniz replied "Noel, you're pants are on FIRE!" hahaha

You can see why I love them! Hopefully, I'll have some funny stories from nannying this summer too! But during my little kid lull during the beginning of summer, I'll probably just watch this video over and over again:


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  1. 1. um okay so i totally would have taped it had i known what was coming at me. you should have given me warning so i could have whipped my camera out.
    2. im SO happy that this video is part of our life. best thing of my life