Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes, I'm still 5...

I started this blog to keep in touch with family and friends and because, as Julie says in the movie Julie & Julia, "I have thoughts!"...and most of them (for me anyway) are happy thoughts! And there's nothing I like to do more than share a giggle with people I love, like just a little bit, or hey, people I don't even know!

That's why, if I were a crayon, I would totally be tickle me pink! Can you color with a tickle me pink crayon and frown? I don't think so! I think it's the exact shade my face gets when I'm laughing because of anything from tickling, to a stupid joke, to absolutely nothing! It's the mark of an optimist! Like Allen Klein says, "Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up."

What more can I say? Tickle me Pink is perfection!


  1. WOO! Abby the blogger! and if I were a crayon, I'd be Burnt Orange!

  2. Correction: I'm Outrageous Orange!

  3. Hey Abby! I am so glad that we made Blogs, I finnnnnalllly have somewhere to share my thoughts.

  4. Yes, tickle me pink is perfection but do you know what would REALLY be perfection??
    I'm pretty sure my favorite thing to do is to giggle with you too!!!!
    If I were a color I'd be cerulean.
    I know right? Ha.

  5. Sarah- I was totally going to be that color. But I didn't know how to spell it. Dang. I guess I have to settle for Robin's Egg Blue.

  6. I like your blog Abby!! It makes me smile!

    P.S. I would be Harold's purple crayon... you know, the book Harold and the Purple Crayon?? He draws so much fun stuff with that crayon! Out of a crayola box, though, I think I would have to be Vivid Violet!

  7. hahah abby this is fabulous.

  8. Can I just say that I'm super duper happy that everyone picked a 64 pack color! haha because besides being the #1 reason John Mayer is my soul mate, this quote should also make you guys feel GREAT about your crayon choices! (hehe)

    "Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the eight-color boxes, but what you're really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64-color box, though I've got a few missing. It's okay though, because I've got some more vibrant colors like periwinkle at my disposal. I have a bit of a problem though in that I can only meet the eight-color boxes. Does anyone else have that problem? I mean, there are so many different colors of life, of feeling, of articulation, so when I meet someone who's an eight-color type I'm like, "hey girl, magenta!" and she's like, "oh, you mean purple!" and she goes off on her purple thing, and I'm like, "no - I want magenta!" ~John Mayer

  9. But what he says about crayons: truth!

  10. my colors are a three way tie:
    Purple Mountain's Majesty
    Unmellow Yellow
    Screamin' Green

    SUCK or JACK on that!!

  11. omg screaming green for SURE!
    Jackie's really angry because she wants to be Purple Mountain's Majesty.
    You guys will have to fight to the death over it or SOMETHING!

  12. really? i was totes megotes thinking unmellow yellow...cuz lets be honest. when am i ever mellow? im so UN mellow

  13. but when are you ever speaking at a normal volume? NEVER!

  14. hahah this is true.
    and can i just comment on the crazy ass words the security comment poster thing comes up with.