Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I started to think about my adventures a couple of weekends ago...two trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo in a week!! I'm pretty much the luckiest girl alive that I somehow have enough people in my life who are equally excited to act like a 5 year old as I am and make frequent trips to the zoo with me! My second trip was a teacher friends bonding trip, and it was the best adventure ever! As if I don't see these people everyday in class or something! Our activities included: getting lots of free things because of the zoo's Earth Day celebration, calling Allison's boyfriend "Nie Nie" (he loved it), calling dibs on the adorable kids that we're planning on stealing, almost breaking a bench when we tried to take a jumping picture, finding Leslie's 1,000 friends (how you find people you know in a HUGE place like the zoo, I will never figure out), ape imitation, popsicle eating, and general merriment! Although there were no crayons involved, it was still a fantastic day!

All the teachers with our "school of fish!" hahaha


  1. Alexis' face frickin KILLS me. Where did this girl come from, seriously, I. Love Her.

  2. ERIN! we dont see each other enough. its SOO not okay.

    ABBY. i love the pics. i love the zoo. i love us.

  3. hahahahaha seriously. i canNOT look at that picture of you me and leslie in front of the apes and NOT laugh! hahahahahah kills. me.

    repeat soon? yes??

  4. ummmm. im thinking like next Wednesday. or thursday. both days i have no finals and no class.