Friday, April 30, 2010


Last day of classes today! Whew! So relieved, but at the same time I'm thinking about how quickly this year went by! It seems like yesterday that my Jackie and I were awkwardly meeting for the first time. And now, if we had any more roommate bonding time, we would fuse together and become one person! haha At this time last year, I was SO nervous for college and sharing a room with someone and leaving my bubble. But this year I can't even believe past Abby! Nervous?! I shouldn't have been! I've been having an absolute blast this year..and have met some of the best people! So, a year review in pictures (a photobiography, if you will. Wold would be SO proud!):

Me and Jeff at graduation
The girls and I at the Bean during orientation (aka party camp)!
Spring Break with my girls! Clue, British accents, the Beach, the pool, movies, and food, food, food!
Our most recent adventure: seeing Swan Lake in BOX SEATS. So classy. Learned a lot about whats appropriate and frowned upon at the ballet. Monster voices? Not so much.
Teacher friends! Can't imagine school without their craziness!

Yay! So good bye one of the best years ever, hello Sophomore year! Can't wait for all the amazing things you'll bring me!!

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