Thursday, April 29, 2010

La la lalalala.....

Oh, music. It's around me all the time! It basically runs in through my boyfriends veins and my roommate practically pees her pants when she gets some new music for free! How could I NOT have an opinion about it?

I pretty much listen to anything happy!! Old, new, indie, pop, long as it makes me smile when I listen to it! Here are a few of my favorites right now (with links to download/listen, too!):

If you can maintain a frown while listening to You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oats, you are a better person than I. Every time I listen to this oldie my famous arm punch dance moves ensue, and occasional bed jumping! The only way I can describe this song is sunshine and rainbows IN A SONG! It's that awesome.

I Just Want to Be Okay is my favorite song right now in my Ingrid Michaelson obsession. Even though I loved me some Ingrid before, when I saw this on a commercial I fell in love! I mean, it was hard not to when that commercial played about 1,000 times during an America's Next Top Model Marathon one weekend...

My favorite Disney song right now (and forever, let's be realistic) is So This Is Love from Cinderella! I'm not usually a mushy gushy person, but hey, just TRY to watch this video and not melt!

My indie songs are always always from my boyfriend, Jeff (he's super duper alt). He just gave me this one the other day; Daisy by Fang Island! Daisies are absolutely my favorite flower (because they're so friendly...You've Got Mail, anyone?) so obviously I love this one! This song is just as happy as the flower. And the album are is of a little kid in a princess costume! I think it was made for me!

Daylight, by Matt and Kim will ALWAYS be a favorite. I saw Matt and Kim at Pitchfork last year and it was probably the best show I've ever been to! The two of them are so energetic and happy! Let me put it this way: if we met, I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends! The show was so funny though because it was all these crazies moshing to this really happy music. If you know me even a little bit, you would know how out of place I am at show with a mosh pit. haha Thank goodness Jeff was there to protect me from the crazies..I had SO much fun! And Matt touched my hand on the way out! (we were in the 2nd row..did I mention that? HEAVEN!)

And finally, my Christmas-time obsession, The Modern Electric! My favorite song is The Anti Sing-Along. They are an awesome Cleveland band who I saw at the Beachland Ballroom's Christmas show! Their Christmas song that they made up was an awesome mix of Cleveland pride and Christmas..almost my two favorite things! Oh, and I'm basically in love with the lead singer...but don't tell anyone! But you try to listen to my other favorite songs of theirs, Where I Belong, and not be in love with him. I dare you.


  1. Hall and Oates makes everything in life BETTER. If they go on tour, we have to be groupies...mmk?